Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for a session?

Appropriate Session Attire: For the effectiveness of the modalities offered, I ask that you wear clothing that you are comfortable in for standing evaluation, movement and hands on techniques without the presence of draping (top sheet).

Myofascial Release sessions in particular require skin on skin contact, so ideally we suggest loose exercise shorts for men and for women a two piece bathing suit or loose exercise shorts (not yoga pants or spandex) and a sports bra or camisole/tank top. Of course your comfort is of primary importance and if you have any questions about appropriate clothing to ensure your comfort and the effectiveness of the modalities performed please don't hesitate to speak with your therapist.

How long is a session?

In order for you to benefit the most from Body Ease services, a 90 minute session is recommended for the initial evaluation. 

Additional follow-up sessions can be booked for 60 minutes or 90 minutes.  

How long will you need Body Ease Therapy services?
It will vary from person to person. Each individual heals at different rates and many elements can contribute to this. Factors such as the duration or complexity of an issue or condition can play into their recovery process. If a client is suffering from acute pain, treatment sessions closer together are recommended initially. 

What is your cancellation policy?
24 hours advance notice is required for cancellation of a session or you will be charged for the session. Thank you for your understanding.

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The overall objective of Body Ease Therapy is to help a client reach a point where they can independently follow through with a self-treatment program to maintain the gains made in session. Additional sessions can then be scheduled as needed. It is our goal to help clients help themselves on a path to wellness.

What can you expect after a session that includes myofascial release?
It will depend on how your body is processing the changes made in session. Ideally it would be great to feel wonderful after each session, but sometimes you may feel nothing, or maybe even worse. Some clients experience a temporary increase in discomfort, which can appear immediately or days after a session. This is part of the normal healing process. This "healing crisis" is a key concept in this work and can play a pivotal role in the path to recovery. You can always, and are encouraged to, talk to your therapist about this important part of the process before, during, or any time after a session.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Major credit cards, check or cash.  Payment must be in full on date of service.

Does insurance cover services?
Body Ease Therapy does not take insurance. However, a form which the client can submit to their insurance company for reimbursement can be provided upon request. This will be the responsibility of the client to complete and submit. Body Ease Therapy cannot guarantee payment of any kind.