My introduction to myofascial release therapy came shortly after the birth of my second child.  Up until that point I considered myself healthy and active.  I loved to run, work out, play with my then two year old child, travel with my family.   When my second daughter was three months old, an injury stopped me in my tracks.  Suddenly, I found myself not being able to move well.  It felt as though my body was in a straightjacket.  I went from performing my occupational roles with ease to struggling to lift my ten pound baby.  My life had changed dramatically. 

With good efforts, the medical community as well as traditional therapies tried to diagnose and treat me.  However, nothing made the pain go away.  It felt like my body was fighting against me.  After over a year of hearing “nothing is wrong with you” and “your tests are normal,” I gave up on the therapies and doctors I had placed all my faith in before the injury.  I felt intuitively as though something was missing.

That is when I stumbled into the office of a John Barnes trained myofascial release therapist.   After learning about how fascia can play a significant, yet overlooked role in the body’s function, I realized that myofasical release therapy is what I was missing - first in my personal healing process and soon after in my professional life.  

Through the process of myofascial release, or MFR, my body literally did just that – released.  I realized that no single event caused my body to go into that pain experience, it was a lifetime process.  I learned how to let go - layer after layer of resistance - until one day I forgot I had any pain altogether!  I was able to get back to my valued roles of mother, occupational therapist, family member and friend.  I was able to travel without worrying about if I had packed any pain medicine (which I had always done “just in case something goes out”).  I was able to get back to the gym and run again. 

I was able to  feel a newfound freedom in my life. 

Rachel Gottesman, OTR/L

My Story