Personalized treatment

Every session is personalized to fit your needs. After an evaluation, I will work with you to form a treatment plan.  I will also encourage you to set goals and play an active role in the healing process.

Listen to John F. Barnes talk about this safe and effective therapy called Myofascial Release

of the body is now believed to play a major role in the body's function. By working with the fascial system, we can release the "knots" or restrictions, and start to lessen the forces on other parts of the body, which would otherwise pull or put pressure on bones, organs, muscles and nerves. Such pressure may cause pain, the cause of which is not readily visible by traditional diagnositic exams (X-rays, CT, MRI).  In its normal, healthy state, fascia is flexible and fluid. After a physical or emotional trauma, repetitive stress or poor posture, the fascia can become hardened, thus putting a tremendous amount of pressure on pain sensitive structures. The good news is that with proper treatment, the fascial system is capable of changing back to its flexible, fluid state.

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Now picture a tangle or knot in one area. How many other areas can be affected by that knot or restriction?  Fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds every muscle, tendon, nerve, organ and bone, is the material that holds this sweater or web in place.  What was once thought of as simply the "packing material" 

Get  back to your favorite activities!

It is easy to become frustrated with an inability to perform well in the activities that we love.  At Body Ease Therapy it is my mission to help you achieve your wellness goals and realize your potential.

Myofascial Release

John F. Barnes'


Myofascial release is designed to decrease or eliminate pain, improve flexibility, posture, balance, alignment and breathing. Think of your entire body from head to toe as a three dimensional web of fibers, like a sweater.