Women's Health/Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Body Ease Therapy provides women's health and pelvic floor rehabilitation through MFR as well as other modalities specific to symptoms in this area.  These can include but are not limited to urinary/bowel dysfunction (urge, incontinence, retention) painful sex and/or menstrual cycles, pelvic organ prolapse, pregnancy and post-partum pain, and pelvic floor dysfunction that can emerge during transitional life stages such as menopause.  By addressing specific symptoms and the body as a whole, Body Ease Therapy can help the transition back to exercise and daily activities after pelvic floor dysfunction occurs. 

 Besides myofascial release, your treatment can also include:

•  Bladder/bowel retraining

•  Specific pelvic floor exercises to help decrease or eliminate your symptoms

•  Integration of breath and new movement patterns into every day tasks

•  Activity modification to help you achieve your goals

•  Assistive devices, specific to the pelvic floor, as needed

•  Self treatment designed specifically for you to help keep your symptoms from             returning